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Jalprabha Water Solutions was established in the year 2018 with a vision to provide all types of HYPN system, WTP & RO plant, Pressure vessel, Control panels and Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our focus is on providing Quality and Energy-Saving solutions with the high level of satisfaction to our esteemed customers have got from our equipment and processing lines, We pursue reliable quality standards and utilize the best available components in our systems. At Jalprabha Water Solutions we believe in understanding what customers need, develop a system that fulfils the requirement, and work with the customer until their staff gets conversant in the operation of a system provided.

Our Services

  • Pump's Maintenance.
  • Pump's Control Panels
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for all the systems.
  • Plumbing Systems & Materials
Jalprabha Water Solutions (JPWS) is into manufacturing and
supplying of various products which are required in Various Sectors like
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  • Quality

One-stop Solutions : Combined Excellency of Process and
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Implementation, Monitoring & Control of quality in our Systems, Products & Automation Development Providing Quality Products & Services to our customers is the Tradition here Successful Implementation of Process, Documentation & Manufacturing